Associated research

The SAFER Trial has a number of associated research projects:

SAFER-AUS – Screening for Atrial Fibrillation with ECG to Reduce stroke
Our colleagues at the University of Sydney and the Heart Research Institute (HRI) have secured funding to deliver the SAFER Trial in AustraliaRead more

AFFECT-EU – Digital, Risk-Based Screening for Atrial Fibrillation in the European Community
This project is an EU-funded consortium including 25 partners from academia and industry. AFFECT-EU`s major goal is the development of a risk-based, accurate, and ready for implementation atrial fibrillation screening algorithm, using digital devices, for early AF detection in the community. Read more

The delivery of screening for atrial fibrillation
This project aims to describe and evaluate the delivery of screening for atrial fibrillation within the SAFER trial, to inform recommendations for the replication and scaling of screening for atrial fibrillation. Read more

Single time point and intermittent screening for AF in primary care
Data from the feasibility study of the SAFER programme will be used to investigate the optimum frequency and pattern of 30 second AF screening using a handheld electronic device. Read more

Using clinical and consumer devices to enhance screening for atrial fibrillation
The aim of this project is to establish how clinical and consumer devices can best be used to identify AF. Firstly, we will establish criteria for detecting possible AF from fitness bands. Read more