How to use the ECG device

Please click here to watch a video showing the ECG device being used. The video also demonstrates good ECG recording technique. Please note: to view the video you do not need to enter any login details or password, or join Vimeo. If a window appears asking you to do any of these things, you can close it using the X – found in either the top right hand corner or bottom left hand corner of the window (depending on your browser). You will then be able to view the video.

The user instructions supplied with the ECG device can be found here.

Recording clear ECG traces helps to ensure you get a definitive screening result. Following the key points below will help to record clear traces. Wherever possible:

  • keep both thumbs or fingers in light contact with the electrodes for the entire measurement, do not press
  • avoid using hand cream before recording
  • do not move your thumbs or fingers whilst recording
  • do not talk, cough or laugh whilst recording
  • remain relaxed and still whilst recording – preferably sitting down with your hands resting in your lap or on a table
  • ensure your skin is not too dry – you can achieve a better connection with the electrodes by making sure the skin is damp (not wet). Washing and drying your hands as usual prior to recording is a good way to ensure this. Do not use hand cream or lotion.
  • be relaxed and sitting down when recording the ECG. If you have just exercised vigorously it is advisable to take a few minutes to relax before you start to record an ECG.

It is okay to repeat an ECG if you mistakenly move or cough (for example) during a recording.

If you have any questions about the ECG device or the screening process please contact the trial team.